Somerset Wildlife Products

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Wildlife Garden Plans...

Here at Somerset Wildlife Products we can offer a full design and consultation service. This will always include a site visit and production of a digital plan that is bespoke to your garden.

To give you the very best garden for your location we will research the surrounding area and design and plant your garden with features and plants that will give the greatest opportunity of encouraging wildlife that is relevant to your local area.

Our service will be bespoke to your plot and include features for your whole family whether you require child's interest and play space, adult entertaining or simple solitude to enjoy your wildlife visitors. We believe gardens are now so valuable to wildlife but should also be enjoyed as an outside space by you also.

Perennial Planting Schemes...

Unlike many other local garden services we pride ourselves on knowing our plants and the wildlife that each species is capable of attracting. Our Perennial borders will give bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects a place to feast on nectar rich plants and provide you with an instant pollination service! 

Perennial plants grow stronger and come back each year and require little maintenance other than in some cases a bit of deadheading to keep flowers coming throughout the flowering season. In our own garden we leave seed-heads on our perennial plants throughout the winter months and enjoy regular visits from Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Bullfinch that feed on the dried seeds. 

The dried stems and seed-heads are cut down in Spring allowing next years growth to start from the bottom again and provide year long benefit to wildlife.

We can provide you with a maintenance plan where necessary and advice can always be sought from contacting us direct. 

Wild Flower Design...

It's shocking to learn that at least 95% of Britain's wildflower meadows have disappeared within the last 75 years and it stands to reason that much of the dependant wildlife has also disappeared or suffered significant declines.

Facts like these make the subject of wildlife gardening even more important and our gardens are now filling the space where this and other valuable habitat has been lost. 

Here at Somerset Wildlife Products we can design and plant a wildlife meadow for you whether requiring a field or a small patch of wildflowers just a few feet square. If required we will source and sow 'region' native seed or a good native British meadow mix either annual or perennial.

Wildflower meadows really are brilliant for looking after not only our bees, moths and butterflies but their larvae; the caterpillar also.

With many gardeners having spent many years pulling out beneficial wildflowers as weeds we see many as valuable life-lines for many species but just in the wrong place! By understanding wildlife we learn what 'weed' is actually valuable or in many cases 'vital' for the survival of certain species. We embrace wildflowers and will put them in the right place in your new wildlife garden!

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