Talks and Presentations - wildlife and gardening for wildlife

If you are interested to find out more about the county of Somerset, or keen to hear how you can attract wildlife into your own garden, then why not book a presentation for your own group or organisation.

I can offer set presentations as described below or design a bespoke presentation to meet your own requirements or needs.

Having already gained practical experience working in schools on wildlife projects and presentations, I can offer wildlife inputs to meet your own schools requirements or curriculum.

To book a presentation or to find out more about a bespoke service to suit your own needs please contact me through my contacts page or use the button at the bottom of this page. Please leave your full contact details so that I can discuss your requirements with you.

Nature as your Neighbour – Gardening for Wildlife

(PART 1 of 3)
Nature as your Neighbour is a presentation about how I developed my own garden for wildlife and gives general wildlife gardening tips and advice.
All pictures within this presentation have been taken in my own garden and feature a wide variety of wildlife.
Features talked about include, how to provide food and shelter and the use of water within the wildlife garden.
Running time is approximately 60 minutes with as long as required after to answer questions and discuss any issues raised. I allow enough time to ensure that the session isn’t rushed although timings can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

This presentation runs for approx 60mins

Doorstep Wildlife and Beyond the Garden Gate…

(PART 2 of 3)

An insight into wildlife in North Somerset on my local patch. I show what we can see on my patch and why it’s good to know your own local patch. I share my concerns and fears for the future of local wildlife and explain how we can all to help support it. We also look at our own gardens and how we can all make small changes for huge benefits for local wildlife by linking with the wider landscape.

This presentation runs for approx 60mins

Learning Nature’s Way – Changing our thinking about insects

(PART 3 of 3)

This presentation is the third talk in my current ‘Wildlife Gardening’ themed presentations. Firstly we have a brief look back at the previous 2 presentations from this series and catch up with what I have been doing and recap what we spoke about. There is an interactive element to this talk where we look at insects in general and the problems they face in what is being termed as ‘A Global Disaster’ 

Understanding insects and more importantly their habitats can make us better wildlife gardeners and I discuss how we can move away from ‘traditional’ thinking about wildlife gardening and garden with insects in mind which is vital to every successful wildlife garden.

This presentation runs for approx 50-60mins

A Moth-Man’s Tales

A Moth-Man’s Tales is an introduction to moths, showing the importance of these fascinating insects. It also gives tips on what to plant to encourage moths into your own garden.


This presentation runs for approx 45mins

Scorpions, Dragons and Damsels in Distress… Discovering the Insects of YACWAG’s Reserves’

Celebrating some of the amazing insects found on the nature reserves owned and managed by my local wildlife group: Yatton & Congresbury Wildlife Action Group (YACWAG), who in 2019 celebrate their 20th anniversary. This presentation starts with some general information about insects and their importance in our world. It then delves into the matter of understanding the landscape that you look for and find insects in. We go back to Roman times and discover how the North Somerset Levels were formed and how they were reclaimed only to be lost to the sea again at later times! We see how YACWAG’s reserves sit in this landscape before going into the reserves and discovering some interesting and very rare insects! Understanding the landscape is a key factor in successful wildlife watching and hopefully this presentation will make the viewer go and discover things about their own local patch!


This presentation runs for approx 60mins

Presentations for Schools

School Wildlife is an interactive presentation featuring lots of pictures that whiz onto screen to make montages of different species of the same animal, bird or insect.
There are questions asked for children to guess the number of certain British species and the presentation is designed to fully engage the children who are encouraged to shout out answers and get involved in the presentation whilst learning about the wildlife.
Although my current version has been designed for junior school aged children this is a highly adaptable presentation that can be changed to suit your school’s needs.
Running time is fully flexible to fit in with your time scale or lesson plan.
Contact me below for more details.

Running time to suit requirements

Discovering the wildlife of North Somerset

The Wildlife of North Somerset is a general presentation that features a wide variety of animals, birds and insects that make up the diverse county of North Somerset. The presentation features heavily the North Somerset Levels at Kenn Moor and surrounding area. The mighty Bristol Channel often turns up some surprise wildlife and viewers are treated at a look at some of the common and rarer inhabitants and visitors to this often overlooked county.
Conservation features heavily in the county with some wonderful locations to see a variety of butterflies and moths and you never quite know what might turn up!

Running time is approximately 40 minutes but again can be adapted to suit.

Nature as Your Neighbour – Family Friendly Wildlife Gardening

This is a second version of ‘Nature as Your Neighbour’ but focuses on how I and you can make a wildlife garden that is family friendly. We look at how I developed my own garden whilst having a young daughter and dog to consider. I show some of the features that I included to make our wildlife garden a fun yet educational place for children to enjoy.

Running time is approximately 60 minutes with plenty of time for questions after

YACWAG’s Reserves and Their Wildlife

Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action Group (YACWAG) own and manage a large number of wildlife reserves and other wildlife habitat around the villages of Congresbury and Yatton. In this presentation we take a look at these reserves and some of the wonderful wildlife that use them.

Running time is approximately 50 minutes

Yatton’s Wild Side – The Secrets of our Moor

A presentation focusing on the North Somerset Levels around the villages of Yatton and Congresbury. We look at some of the wildlife on the moor and discover some very rare insect species that are now being recorded. The moor gives up some wonderful surprises. Within the presentation we also go back to Roman times through Archeological dig results to see how the moor was formed from the salt water tidal marsh into todays fresh water paradise.

Running time is approximately 60 minutes

For more information about my talks or to book a presentation please contact me using the button below

Some of the very kind feedback that I have received:-

'Excellent presentation by Higgy tonight. I enjoyed it very much and could've listened to him for another hour. Well done whoever booked him'
Garden makeover - Weston-super-Mare
Burham camera club member
'Thank you once again for the great, inspirational talk you gave the Horticultural Society last night. So many members have told me how much they enjoyed it. You will definitely be invited again!!'
R Bailey, Congresbury Horticulture Society
'Your talk on 'nature as your neighbour' was very much enjoyed by our members and I wondered if you might be willing to come back again next year'
Backwell Garden Club
'Thank you for giving such a interesting talk on Thursday you said you might be a bit rusty as you had not given a talk for some time that did not come across at all, every one enjoyed your presentation and your slides, and lovely to see your garden and how you had made it so wildlife friendly, we have made a note of your open day and will look forward to seeing it. Thank you for stepping in at the last minute, and I have added your name to our list of speakers. Once again thank you'
Maggie Bisset - Congresbury Horticulture Society
'Thanks for a fantastic talk and photography last night. Your commitment to conservation is a credit to you'
Philip Thorne, Burnham camera Club
YACWAG Talk last night was brilliant. Higgy spoke so well, but he never talks down to his audience, just imparts solid information in a totally interesting way. Great photos, as usual, but also a very informative presentation. Looking forward to the next talk already! - (Talk- Scorpions, Dragons & Damsels in Distress)
Faith Moulin - YACWAG
What a great night Higgy, great to learn all about where we live. Great quality pics I’m so glad I made it to your talk. I highly recommend this talk, fascinating to hear about the insects and the habitat they live in. Keep up the good work - Scorpions, Dragons & Damsels in Distress
Paul Ruddock